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Welcome to the KIK QUIZ Challenge:

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Congrats to each of you who took the challenge. Many wrote to us saying that the challenge is tad tough. The quiz was surely not easy but at the same time a little bit of research definitely would get you the correct answers. The idea of making the Quiz a tad bit tough and not so easily Googleable was so that you do some research and also learn about the style in the process. As much as the dance is important, we the team of KIK, also believe that history of the dance is also significant. We hope you enjoyed the process.

Please get in touch with Hitesh @ +91 98301 72572 to be able to redeem your prizes. These passes are non inclusive of meals, masterclass, or/& stay.  

Here are the answers:

1. Which popular genre of music was produced when a composer intentionally sped up the tempo of a morna, a
Cape Verdean genre, at a performance and a member of the audience caught on to the change. 
Ans. Koladera or Coladeira  


2. Name the song that featured in the promo of the first edition of KIK, as well as the artist.
Ans. Nobody by Saaphy
(Link to 1st edition promo video: Click here)

3.This popular Angolan musician, remembered for popularising Semba, was killed during a civil war. He is also associated with Rumba and Merengue music.
Ans. Urbano de Castro 

4. Which was the first dance Kristopher really learnt?
Ans. Salsa, Cuban Style

5. Which band from Guadeloupe is believed to have encouraged the growth of Kizomba music when they began playing Zouk and inspired others for the fusion of Zouk with Semba?
Ans. Kassav  

6. The origin of this word is in Spanish, It means beat or rhythm and the songs are mostly in Haitian Creole. What form of music is this?
Ans. Kompa or Compas (Kompa is the popular misspelling of Haiti's national music,' Compas (also known by the French as Compas or simply Kompa)

7. What is the word that binds the names of two Kizomba songs,one by C4 Pedro and another by Puto Portugues.

Ans. Casamento

8. Which renowned Angolan band is said to have been one of the pioneers of Semba music and popularised it abroad?
Ans. Ngola Ritmos



Highest Scores:
- Jayant Pujari 
- Ishmeet Sethi 
- Garima Singh 

- Julie Espinosa

- Sreedhar Kant

Each of you can purchase 3 FULL PASSES at ₹6000 each

2nd Highest Scores:
- Shweta Shivkumar
- Kavya Talwar
- Neha Agrawal


Each of you can purchase 3 FULL PASSES at ₹6500 each*

3rd Highest Score:
- Sharmine Therian


Each of you can purchase 3 FULL PASSES at ₹7000 each* 

Give us a shout if you had any questions or queries: +91 9830172572


*Terms & Conditions Apply

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